Scholarschip Programme 2015

Geist & Gegenwart’, the Styrian Whitsun Dialogue, took place for the 6th time from May 20th – 22nd 2015 at Seggau castle. This year too, students from all over Europe had the opportunity to take part in the Whitsun Dialogue by means of a scholarship programme.

workshops-stipendiaten_03-crop_600x386The objective of this renowned 3-day symposium is immersion in the fundamental socio-political and cultural questions arising from a historically and politically reunited Europe. Under the title “Europe.valued”, international experts and opinion leaders from politics, academia, culture, business and journalism will come together in order to exchange ideas with one another and with students from many European countries and to engage in an energetic debate about Europe.

Taking place every two years, the ‘Geist & Gegenwart’ Whitsun Dialogues engage distinguished speakers to reflect the problems and challenges facing Europe and the state of the process of European integration. By critically addressing all of the necessary issues, they also seek to send positive signals on behalf of “Project Europe”. Precisely in the face of crisis-ridden economic development in several EU-member-states and ever-broadening scepticism amongst the population, the question regarding Europe’s foundations has become more pressing than ever. Around the general theme “Europe.valued”, discussions with outstanding, eminent speakers will address the value of “Project Europe”, universal human rights and fundamental democratic values as well as the partially conflicting values held by population groups within the range of European society colliding with respect to tolerance, respect, migration, integration, religion, centralism, regionalism, openness, tradition, plurality, diversity, fundamentalism and radicalism.

Impressions from the Whitsun Dialogue 2015