Renowned Speakers 2015

The 6th ‘Geist & Gegenwart’ Whitsun Dialogue took place from Wednesday 20th till Friday 22nd of May 2015.

Renowned speakers include: Carla Baghajati, media spokeswoman of the Islamic religious community and co-founder of Initiative muslimischer OesterreicherInnen ;
Wolfgang Benedek, director of the European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Graz University (UNI-ETC); Erhard Busek, Jean-Monnet professor, honorary president of European Forum Alpbach, chairman of the board of the Institute for the Danube region and Central Europe, former vice chancellor; Gyoergy Dalos, writer, Berlin/Budapest; Efgani Doenmez, federal councillor, Die Gruenen (Green Party Austria), Upper Austria; Heinz Fassmann, vice dean of Vienna University and chairman of the integration committee; Christian Felber, co-founder and long-standing speaker of Attac Austria; Franz Fischler, president of European Forum Alpbach, former EU commissioner; Markus Jaroschka, writer and editor of the literary magazine “Lichtungen”; Stefan Karner, historian; Necla Kelek, Istanbul-born social-scientist and journalist, Berlin; Helmut Konrad, historian; Zoe Lefkofridi, political scientist; Joseph Marko, dean, constitutional expert, political scientist; Heinrich Neisser, Jean-Monnet professor, political scientist with focus on the EU, former 2nd president of National Council, former member of the EU convention on human rights; Leopold Neuhold, specialist for social ethics; Klaus Poier, constitutional expert, political scientist; Igor Pomerantsev, journalist, Kiev/Prague/London; Manfred Prisching, sociologist; Doron Rabinovici, Tel Aviv-born Austrian publicist; Julya Rabinowich, former Leningrad-born Austrian writer; Franz Schausberger, chairman of the board of Institute of the Regions of Europe, member of the Committee of the Regions, former provincial governor; Carola Schneider, ORF-correspondent, Moscow; Kurt Scholz, chairman of the board of trustees of The Future Fund of the Republic of Austria, former president of the Vienna School Board; Margit Schratzenstaller-Altzinger, economic researcher; Alice Schwarzer, founder and editor in chief of EMMA, Cologne; Jakob von Uexkull, donator of the Right Livelihood Award, chairman of the World Future Council; Lojze Wieser, writer and publisher; Franz Wolf, managing director of the Austrian Integration Fund.