Whitsun Dialogue 2017

Whitsun Dialogue 2017 – Europe.USA.3.0

The 7th ‘Geist & Gegenwart’ Whitsun Dialogue took place from Wednesday 31th of May till Friday 2nd of June 2017 at Seggau castle.

Memorandum Seggauberg 2017 as PDF download.

General theme 2017: Europe.USA.3.0

Seventy years ago, US Secretary of State George C. Marshall initiated a plan for the economic reconstruction of Europe’s destroyed countries. Since then, the political and economic relations between the US and Europe have become closer than ever. Based on this backdrop, the 7th Whitsun Dialogue “Geist & Gegenwart” was dedicated to the theme of “Europe.USA.3.0”.

What is the relationship between the USA and the EU and its individual member states? What perspectives and interests are there with regard to the arenas of world politics – from the Middle East to the Ukraine/Russia to the Pacific rim? Where do Europe and the US stand with regard to their economies and innovative power? What is the role of the market power of companies such as Google and Facebook and what might Europe expect from the new US-Administration?

These and more burning questions regarding common values as well as differing interpretations and interests have been discussed by renowned personalities from the worlds of science and business at the Whitsun Dialogue in Seggau.

A detailed review of the Whitsun Dialogue 2017 can be found here.